Monday, March 24, 2008

CGS Malaysia Qualifier FIFA 08 Result

Yesterday CGS Malaysia 08 was being held at FTZ Asia Subang Jaya. There were only 14 players took part for the FIFA tourney compare to last year it was more than 40. Maybe due to the lack of promotion and also last minute call up the event couldnt manage to attract more people to joined. But nevertheless it was a successful event.

How was the FIFA format qualifier? 14 players will play in round robin and the top 6 will be selected base on their goal scorings, not winning matches. Meaning if you score more goals than everyone else in the group you will be drafted into the top 6. Since its counted on goals scoring, goals conceding will also be counted as well. So if you score more and also concede a lot then you chances to be drafted is very low.

The qualifier start around 11am and ends at 6pm. To cut it short, here is the top 6 players who got drafted:

  1. [W|nDs] Si_Jali
  2. [W|nDs] Al3x
  3. [W|nDs] Vin
  4. [W|nDs] Rei
  5. [W|nDs] Jotaro

and the 6th player has been chosen as wild card.

All of this 6 players will undergo tremendous training in the boot camp. From here on the selection will be base on the best of all the top 6 players. The champion will represent KL Taufan and going to battle out skills & wit at China this April. And maybe stand a chance to get the USD 30K worth of contract. So all the best guys!

May the best man win! ^^

A big thanks to Mygozone,FTZ Asia and all the sponsors for bringing us this wonderful opportunity ^^


Rei said...

Its 15 players la..damn blur man u!!=P

Rinie said...

Corrected. ^^

A13x said...

If there were 15 players that day, then i suppose Rei ate and swallowed 1 player liao...jali you ada itu FIFA standings but you still don't know there were 14 or 15 players meh? lolz SWT betul! ><"

Rinie said...

aiya this rei call me blur n i trust him...

corrected with 14 players ^^

Rei said...

Ooopss...sorry..i get fake by excel mistake!!lol

A13x said...

Aiyo rei cukup la tu...still wanna blame excel pulak...tak tau or not sure then dun cakap like u so sure time check n confirm 1st b4 u say sumthing! Muahahaha i caught you the 2nd time di =P

vin said...

wah, alex scold ppl ooh :P

A13x said...

Wah since when you also become a blogger?? Haha you really decided to blog for IN2? XD

Rei said...

Blog for IN2?