Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whose Your Teacher?

Teacher is a very important expect in our education. Be it in school or life education we will always need a teacher for guidance. A teacher can be someone who is very good in his/her field and has many experience in it. A teacher is also someone who has proven that his/her method is good.

Obviously when we wanna do something new, we will be looking for someone to teach us, a teacher. Call it Sifu or Guru it is still the same. They make our life easier by letting us go thru the 1st phase of learning as fast as possible. They are our stepping stone. Without them we have to do trial and error many times before we can find the right choice. A smart person will always look for someone who is good at what he does to guide him to the same path.

Same as in FIFA, we need a teacher too! I think it is very rare for everyone to find someone who is good in FIFA to teach them about a lot of things. Not just that, many pro players find it hard to share their knowledge to someone else because afraid that it might harm them in the end. But no one realize that everyone have their own personal teacher everyday!

Who am i talking about? This person is someone who the whole world knows. The FIFA teacher is someone that everyone know is very hard to beat, even sometime will trash us. Plus he is always there for 24 hours but no body realize. He can be anywhere in the world and will always follow you where ever you go. What makes it really unique is that the better you get, the harder to beat him. Plus also you dont have to pay him anything. Yup its free!.

So whose this unknown teacher im talking about? I'll let you guys try to guess to see if you can understand the riddle im giving here. Another tip to answer this riddle is you must be highly observant ^^

And no the answer is not the Yellow Man.. "Ku bersamamu" ^^


Rei said...

What a nonsense answer....=.=

[W|nDs.YA]BigBoss said...

I know the answer already(bcause u tell me).^^

Rinie said...

It is a sense answer.

Just which 5 of your senses u use thats all ^^

Rinie said...

Come on guys at least give it a try.

I want everyone to understand why is he our teacher.

So please at least give a name. Your fren or whoever u may feel is the one im talking about.

Another tip is he can dribble with ease against all of your defender and score.

Does this remind you of someone? ^^

wongth7 said...

aiyoo..hard to guess la ur mystery..LOL...mmm..let me try....izit COMPUTER the 'teacher' u talking about??

Rinie said...


why do you think its COMPUTER? any reason? ^^

jennyto said...

adakah anda?

teacher ye?

oh ye sy da try bkk internet

tapi stp kali taip YouTube,

memang gelak hantu tu keluar!
x kire di mane!

BigBoss said...

Its the computer bcause u say every can play wif him.Obvius,isn't it?^^

Mr. Star said...

my teacher is a WORLD CLASS difficulty computer AI installed at my FIFA :-) this blog helps too

Rinie said...

Huhu check for the new post for the answer ^^