Thursday, March 13, 2008

International Selection Part 2

Yesterday we discuss about Brazil and England. Today we continue with our discussion about France and Spain.


France would be useless without 1 person... the person who was call King during his Arsenal era.. another botak player who rule the world... its King Henry! Henry is France specialty. If this version still have Zidane well its just gonna make things worst does it? Henry can just do so many unbelievable thing. He can score,run,cross,dribble,take corner and free kick. He is the complete player. If someone manage to get him injured, most probably France cant do anything anymore.

Although France is all about Henry, must never underestimate his teammates as well. Viera just frustrate us most of the time. No matter how fast you run he can always tackle you. Not just that if you know how to use him well he can just follow you all day long. Ribery and Malouda is damn cool. The perfect wingers for a team. Although Trezeguet can do some unbelievable thing as well as Henry but personally for me i prefer Cisse do to the fact he respond faster and run faster as well. Just the lack of finishing puts him a little bit down. Coupet is amazing between the stick. One of the most stable consistent performance in the game. Although Thuram is slower than previous version, he is still good if you know how to use him. Well if you dont like him you still have Mexes to replace him. Dont look down on Makelele though. Eventhough his overall is low but for some reason he is as good as any player around.

Since i mention about Makelele can you guys detect what is their 2nd specialty? Its their team chemistry! Even if you put Makelele,Cisse or Thuram for some reason they can play their role well. It makes us wonder if the overall stats should be counted or not during line up selection. I believe that even if you put a player which his overall is 99 but you dont know how to use him it is still useless.

The 3rd specialty for France is everyone is stable. You can feel when you use France that somehow there is a feeling of stability. They maintain the formation very well and good teamwork. Because of this most people call them "The Cheating Team" beside Barca of course. Due to their good teamwork they can create some unbelievable unexpected thing on the pitch.

So if you wanna use France, there are 2 ways to use it. Either you play a teamwork base or solo target man play. When i say solo i believe everyone know who that person is.

So that is why France is very popular among the gamers (Although i feel Henry got something to do with it).


Previously Spain wasnt so popular due to the fact that it is not a fast pace team. Although it has fast player such as Joaquin and Torres, for some reason they cant run or dribble better. But this version is different! Suddenly the whole team changes again because of 1 person. Yup its Fernando Torres!

You can say that Torres is like the young Henry. He can do whatever Henry can do. Maybe for the set pieces he is not as good as him. But if you can unleash a nice long ball for him, you can say bye bye and just wait for the celebration.

If you like to play long ball or thru passes, Spain is for you! They are the long ball team and its their 2nd specialty. Villa and Torres are damn good in out pacing the defender. No matter how fast your defender is they can just beat them easily without any fuss. Plus they are good in the air as well. Its very rare to find fast striker with good heading and also good finishing as well. Although their midfielder seems to be normal but they are the backbone of the team. They can help both in defense and attack as well. An all rounder midfield. Their defense lead by Puyol just make thing worst. Everyone know how Puyol is. He is fast and vicious in the tackle. Its very hard to get thru Puyol. Casillas is an amazing GK. One of the best in the game. Sometime normal goals just dont work with Casillas and he is pretty good in 1 on 1.

Although Torres and Villa is fast but if you manage to defend them very well, they cant do anything. For some reason it seems like Spain depend too much on their striker fast pace. So if you use Spain try to find another style beside long ball.

So there it is! Si_Jali guide to international team. So which team do you wanna use? For me i choose the team that suits me well. It doesnt mean that its the no.1 team you have to use it too. Back in 2005 and 2006 i use England when everyone else use France. Because of England i got no.4 in WCG Grand Final and no.1 in Asian Cyber Games in 06. Then in 2007 i change to France because Beckham getting worst plus the GK is not reliable enough. With France i won CEL Games and WCG Malaysia. So i have a very good memory with both team.

So choose your team wisely. The best combination is when your style mix well with the team. ^^


A13x said...

I would disagree with you saying Spain is good at aerial challenges and headers. Spain players are not tough and are not good headers and you can try playing against Brazil to see what i said is correct. Most of the Spain players have low heading points and i can see only Morientes can head. I agree that Spain is very very good in long balls (Xabi Alonso) and that 2 fast strikers!

How can you end your articles on International Selections already??? Where is Germany?? How dare you look down on Germany and Michael Ballack?? Germany is good also ok? Just that they are not fast enough and don't have real good dribblers only. I can use Germany and beat any of the 4 teams while using only Ballack to score!

Haha =P

BPWX said...

Yea, kinda agree with a13x on stopping the articles on International Selection... Don't stop it yet! There's still so many cool teams out there which haven't got reviewed yet, like Germany, Argentina, Portugal and who could forget, the 2006 World Cup Champions, Italy....

A13x said...

Yeah! Yeah!

Germany! Germany!

Gonna win Euro 08...muahahaha


Rinie said...

Good that al3x notice i did a mistake on Spain. I didnt check the stats where else i did it base on my previous experience with Spain. That time Raul was the man!

LOL why dont you share with all of us what so special about Germany beside Ballack.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that spain is pretty solid team. Personally spain is my choice when it comes to International. I would not go as far as saying is the best International team but it brings really skilled players. For example, you have sergio ramos, strong, fast and good touch with the ball. Puyol i don't even have to tell you guys what this player is about. Then there's fabregas, exellent player with almost heavenly touch of the ball. Xavi, a player that is all about finess, Inesta and joaquin super fast feet. Silva good left support on left side. And then ofcourse Torres and Villa,skilled, fast, strong, exellent stamina, and fairly good headers these both players are. So there u have it, in my opinion, Spain rocks.