Friday, February 29, 2008

What Does "Failure" Mean To You?

Today i was with my mom. Coming back from shopping we have a little conversation going like this:

Mom: You dont want to do any other business? The agriculture industry seems good.

Me: Not at the moment mom. I wanna focus on what im doing rite now.

Mom: I have a feeling that you are going to fail in this business. Its just a small business.

Me: Yup you are right i am going to fail.

Mom: Huh? So why are you still doing it?

Me: Because failing is normal. Its a path to success. I must fail in order to be successful. Its a learning process. Eventhough i am going to fail im going to learn a lot about business from my current business now. Robert Kyosaki lost 3 business before he became what he is rite now.

Mom: What about the money and time you put in it? Its a waste?

Me: Experience and education cant be bought by money. Its more valuable than that. Besides, even if i fail i still get back the initial money i put in and still earn a profit.

Mom: How?

Me: Hehe its a secret ^^.

Mom: Im just worried thats all.

Me: Just believe in me mom. Failure is nothing. No one became a champion in 1 day. Just like FIFA i fail for 5 times only then i am a Malaysia Champion. It took me 5 years to be here. In the end, its all worth it.

And we started to talk about my bro getting married and other family stuff.

So what does failure means to you? does it mean its the end of the world? Or does it mean its the starting of your journey?

There was a saying by a successful person(cant remember his name):

" If you wanna get fast success, you must double your failures." ^^

What does failure mean to you? Would like to hear from you guys about this ^^


jennyto said...

failure means asek x dpt jawab dlm exam.

sdeyh woo exam kali ni rinie!!!

asek tuka2 format.


Rinie said...

lol kita kan experimental subjects..

wat to do bebeh..