Sunday, February 10, 2008

1 Week In FIFA Blog - Open Discussion!

Realize or not realize (Sedar tak sedar :P) The FIFA Blog has reached 1 week. When i look back at how it started, its amazing to see such effort put in this FIFA Blog.

There are a lot of topic that we discuss here. Some talks about the preparation, the mentality and also the skills. While some just seems to a be a lil bit off the norm.

So im going to make this one an open discussion! Yup now all the readers have the chance to comment on the topic that we have present here at The FIFA Blog.

What we would like to know is what do you guys think The FIFA Blog should improved at? Should it be longer or shorter? serious or funny? all words or with pics?

What is the thing that you like or dislike about the blog? Do you like how it present itself? Do you like the background? Do you like the author? (ehem girls please say yes!)

We are also giving prize away to the best comment in the FIFA Blog! Yup just by commenting you will get prize as well. Whats the price? Its a secret and its good ^^

So please do give us some feedback. Just tell us anything. If you want the FIFA Blog to write more specific on certain topic (eg: crossing,shooting,how to cheat etc etc) just let us know. We want to give our best effort to all our readers as a token of appreciation to your support. So please give us your most honest comments.

Help us help you. ^^

I will open this topic for 2 days to let you guys think what is best for The FIFA Blog. ^^


khairul annuar said...

i think better with pic.

Mr. Star said...

Hello Si_Jali,

I think what you are doing right now is already an excellent work. Congratulation!!

I am really impress with the insight you gave in this blog and I was really looking forward to see steps regarding crossing, shooting (long one :-)) and any other tricks and tips that might help to develop noobie gamers like me.

Plus you can also give insights regarding new patches and what those patches do or change in the game. Hope to hear from you again. Chowz!!!

Zang said...

Thanks khairul annuar and mr star for your view ^^

I will close this thread around 7pm.

So start spamming now if u wanna win some cool prize ^^

Rinie said...

oopss sorry i posted with my bro id..

Anyway thx again to khairul annuar and

I will close this topic around 7pm.

So start spamming if you wanna get some cool prize ^^