Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OFF Form

Remember the days when we are dominating any opponent that we met? Where we can easily win them or beat them at their play or can just close our eyes or yawn because we know we can beat them.

Then suddenly one day...

Everything doesnt seems right! Your finishing turns blunt, your crossing lost its accuracy, you player is nowhere to be found and your GK just forgot that he is the GK etc etc. This is what we call: OFF FORM.

In life there are ups and downs. Sometimes we are on top, sometimes we are not. When we are on form we are the best of all. When we are not, we just cant figure out whats wrong and why cant we live our previous glory day.

So is Off Form normal? Yes it is. Guess what? Off form is a learning process that everyone must go through. For me when im off form, its a meaning that im trying to learn something new. Its like my brain trying to empty my recycle bin in order for me to learn something new. Once my off form gone, im back with a better me.

So if you face off form what should you do?

1. Take a rest from FIFA or whatever you are doing rite now. Maybe around 1 day or 2.

2. Try to watch something related to FIFA such as watching football highlights or watching other people play FIFA in a cybercafe.

3. Once you can feel your heart suddenly pumped and your blood suddenly rush and you just cant wait to play again, thats the perfect timing for you to start again.

So dont take off form as a bad thing. Take off form as a holiday for yourself. Remember that off form is just a learning process to turn you into a better gamer. ^^

Have you guys off form before? What did you do? I play Diner Dash and watch Ninja Boy XD


wongth7 said...

i seems to lost my form everytime i play..wats the problem???..LOL...but seriously..sometimes when vs ppl greater then me..i manage to contain them and get a good result..but when i play against player that i know i can win..somehow i just become desperate to score and lose tat game stupidly...aiii...u can make a post on mental strenght in this game too bro..

Rinie said...

Good post you have there wongth7.

Most probably what your facing is not off form but more to focus.

Its normal that we take lightly of those who we consider easy while focus more on those we consider hard to beat.

But always remember that you are not the only one who think like that. Your opponent might also think that your hard to beat so he give 100% while you give only 70%.

So obviously they give you more challenge.

So next time make sure that you give your 100% with whoever you goin to play ^^

A13x said...

Haha so did you watch Ninja Boy or play Diner Dash after our games? lolz =P So i guess you're gonna take a day or 2 off from FIFA now?

Yeah you're totally right. Stop playing for some time and watch real football! I always feel i wanted to play FIFA after i watched a game. Wait until your brain keeps thinking about FIFA and how you want to do this and that during your FIFA08 games, then it's time for you to get back! You really need the blood rushing and can't-wait-to-play feelings to make you play better. Maybe that's because you already have the passion in your heart to play, which is very important to help you concentrate and focus during games.

Rinie said...

No after our game i slept on my keyboard. Thank god my mom woke me up if not i might get electric shock due to my saliva running down the keyboard. lol ^^

wongth7 did u join youqi league? whats your nick?