Saturday, February 16, 2008

How To Score?

I think in whatever u do in your game its pretty useless if you just cant score. No matter how fancy your play is, be it you know how to go thru 5 defenders or make an unbelievable look a like Beckham long ball, if you just cant finish it off... its still doesnt count.

So just like crossing there are 3 things we need to look upon:

  1. Position of the striker
  2. Position of the GK
  3. Power and direction of the shot

In FIFA it has always been true that in certain position you can score easily while others just pretty hard to come by. Like a few years ago 1 on 1 seems to be the key point in getting goals. In FIFA 08 it seems like it is pretty hard to score in 1 on 1 but its actually the same like in the previous versions. They just modified it a bit.

You can try this in practice mode:

  1. Walk slowly to the GK.For the 1st try to walk straight no diagonal to the GK (Striker position)
  2. When the GK comes out(GK position), make sure his quite near to you but not too near. At least there is a space for you to still turn around.
  3. When the GK is halfway near just shoot around 60%-70%(Shot Power) to the area where the GK isnt guarding. Far post shld be nice(Shooting Direction). Why halfway? So that your striker have the space to shoot and to let the ball fly to the direction you desire.

Although this is one of the way to score but there are other ways as well. There is no such thing as THE ONLY WAY.As long as the method that you use can let the ball go into the net then use it. So try experimenting it with the GK position or with the power and direction of the shooting. Remember practice makes perfect.

So remember, no matter how you going to score, it always follow the 3 simple rules:

  1. Position of Striker
  2. Position of GK
  3. Power and Direction of Shooting.

GL HF! ^^

Starting from tomorrow, im going to take a short break on every Sunday just to do some organizing and planning stuff for The FIFA Blog. Im trying my best to make sure The FIFA Blog meets with all the expectation and standard. Hope you guys dont mind ^^

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Treishtrei said...

HI, I'm a romanian player. I'd like to know from you how to get into a scoring situation...cuz that is the hard part. I'm sure you have some automatism to get the ball to the striker.

Hope for your answer, Treishtrei.