Friday, February 15, 2008

Choose Your Battlefield

In Sun Wu Art of War, he said :

"A great commander choose the battlefield which favor him. Choose the battlefield which he know the most and choose the battlefield his opponent has trouble with."

For example, a troop which is on the higher ground will definitely out strength the troops on the lower ground. They can just shoot arrows or roll a big boulder down the hill. The hill is a strategic point.

Just like in the movie "300", the elephant troop cant go thru 300 men because the road is too narrow. Being under pressure, in the end they fall down the cliff.

In FIFA, you need to choose your battlefield. Generally there are 3 type of battlefield:

a. Wing
b. Centre midfield
c. A mix of both

Choose which field you know more but your opponent know less. If you like to play on the wing, attack on the wing. Like to longshot, att thru the mid. The best way to attack is to attack where your opponent weakness is. A pro player know which battlefield he need to choose to attack the opponent weakness.

In order to do this, you must know your opponent before you play with him. Must do a lil bit of research. If you never play with him before, then must analyze him during the game and use the intel in the 2nd half or next game. A General without preparation is the General with the white flag(Surrender!). Another wise saying which resemble this is:

" Failing to plan is planning to fail"

Thats why its not just a green field. Its a battlefield ^^

For you guys who donno who Sun WU is. Can check this link :

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