Tuesday, February 5, 2008

He Who Angers You Conquers You

There is a reason why it is a golden saying. Because it is true. No matter how bad you lost or your opponent play dirty, He Who Angers You Conquers You.

"Anger is a human emotion and a sign of weakness. No matter how good you are, if you are hot tempered, you are doom."

Anger is a human emotion. There is nothing wrong to be angry except if you were wrong of course. But it is also a sign of weakness. That is why we as human always will do mistakes. Because our emotion sometimes can be our weakness.

There are many players out there who follow the Sportsmanship Rules. But there are a few who didnt. I've met both side of players and i've to confess : Its fun! Yup its fun to play against unsportsmanlike player too. Especially those who like to play time wasting. Yes there is nothing wrong in doing such skill but its just pathetic to see as well.

So how do i feel when someone does such thing? I dont feel angry at all. In fact i prefer them to do it. Because they dont know that i know how to counter such thing. There were a lot of time when im a goal down and my opponent try to time wasting. In the end, it was me smiling at the end of the match. Smiles of victory of course.

So why cant you get angry? When your angry, your face turn red and your blood pressure increase. When your blood pressure increase, your heart pump as fast as it can. When your heart pump fast, it explode! (Joking!). In the end, every single lil thing that he do to you, you will just lost your concentration and composure. When you were suppose to think ways to score, the only thing u have in your mind is:

" That fu*k*ng (insert name here), you are such a !@%^%!@#"

And you will be complaining about how bad it is instead blaming on yourself for losing the composure at the end of the game. Remember when you were angry, and your playing according to his rhythm, that show that you just got conquered!

Pritt Pritt Prittt~ And there goes the whistle.

So dont get angry. Senyum sokmo (Smile always) ^^

Anyone here remember Zidane? What happen to France at the end of the day? ^^

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