Friday, February 1, 2008

Review By Multiplay

We are honoured that Malaysia Online Magazine Multiplay has make a review on our blog.

Here is the article:

Local Champ Shares FIFA Knowledge Through Blog

Date January 31, 2008 by Chapree

Rinie Ramli a.k.a [W|nDs]Si_Jali
Si_Jali want to share his experience playing alongside other big boys.

Seems that after the #1 FIFA player in the country, Rinie Ramli got back (and this time, staying for good XD) to Malaysia sometime ago, he is busy coming up with ideas to promote competitive FIFA to the masses. First was the W|nDs Youth Academy and this time around, he want to share his FIFA techniques and strategies through his blog.

In a short online chat with him, [W|nDs]Si_Jali - the game nick that many of us more familiar with, said there’s a number of FIFA fansites around the globe but most of the site focus on news and updates of the game, not on how to play the game. By posting his FIFA know-how, he hope that he would be able to attract more players into the competitive community, thus making the scene more productive and friendly.

When I asked why he doesn’t want to open up a dedicated site for this purpose, Rinie said he want to test the waters first. If the receptions are good, then only he will opened up a proper website.

Expect the first of his FIFA Blog post to be online this coming weekend at It is very rare that a top player want to share his competitive advantages. So, make sure to use this opportunity fully, people. :D

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So with all this hype when will the FIFA Blog be up?

Good news! It will be up by tommorow Saturday nite or this Sunday morning!

So keep logging in to witness the launching of Malaysia 1st FIFA Blog! ^^

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