Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Thanks for all the nice feedback i receive from the comments here and also at forum Lowyat.net. All of the feedback received i will try my best to input it into the FIFA Blog in the future. Hopefully you guys will like it.

So who is the lucky winner for the Open Discussion thread? There can only be 1 winner.. and he is...

"Mr. Star!"

Mr. Star gave a very good suggestion for The FIFA Blog to cover up more into the basic stuff. Into the blood of the game. Something which can help beginner and also benefit the advance player too. In order to be a good player, we must know a little of everything. Must have general knowledge of the game. Focus on 1 thing but must know a little of everything. That is why basic is very important.

So what is the prize? Mr. Star has just won an angpow worth RM50 and also 1 hour tutoring session with me! I will be guiding him in that 1 hour on how to improve more of his game. I will be his personal tutor so he can ask anything that he want in that 1 hour session. See i told you its a cool prize. Summore get angpow also. Is like im paying him to be my student. LOL ^^

Congratz to Mr. Star! Please send an email to didotido@hotmail.com to set up the tutoring session and thank you to all of you who gave your comment. I really appreciate your support. ^^

If you guys think the prize is cool, dont worry I'll always do Open Discussion.When? Only time will tell. So keep on supporting us at THE FIFA BLOG ^^


jennz said...

us? kamu ade team memaintainkan blog neh??

huu sy nk angpow juge.

Rinie said...

its a secret ^^

nak angpow sertai la our open discussion next time around ^^

Sau Paulo said...

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