Friday, February 8, 2008


This few days we talk about the mind part in the game. Now we gonna touch about the technical part which is crossing.

Crossing is just so nice to do. Once you get it right it just leave to the striker to just head/tap it in. Its one of the best way to score after 1 on 1 situation.

"When we wanna do crosses, it always follow 3 simple rules: "

a. The position of the striker
b. The direction of the cross
c. The power of the cross

eg: A striker is running towards the far post,(position) so its best if we can target the ball infront of him (direction). The power should be more than 50% of the bar(power).

It sounds easy isnt it? Yes it is easy. But the problem is your opponent def will always be there to mark your striker.

So what should you do when someone mark your striker? You drop the ball where there is no defender. Dont worry if your striker is in the box, no matter where you cross, the striker will try his best to be in position. As long as the ball drop in the box of course.

What i would like to do is i always cross early to the striker. Ahead or infront of him. So that the striker will do a running header. You can also do a direct header but make sure your striker is already in position.

There is another thing about position. In certain area once the striker get into position, if you cross no matter if got defender or gk, the striker will definitely win a header. This has been true for all FIFA series. So try to find out which position is the best for your striker.

So remember the 3 simple rules: Position, Direction and Power.

Happy crossing ^^

Have you ever do some unbelievable cross which the GK just watch or the Def just nowhere? ^^


Mr. Star said...

Right on man. Truth be told that crossing is easier said than done. We have to be fast in our controls to detects our own player (striker), the crosser and the interceptors (enemy) when doing crosses. But when it all connects, it is sure worth the effort :-)

Rinie said...

Yup you got it right ^^

Usually u have to be aware of the striker's surrounding. Make sure he is quite free from anyone in 2 steps range.

So make sure that your striker is fast and can out pace the def.

Its physical appearance will help too.

vin said...

Jali, nice post of "Crossing" .It really help a lot to all FIFA 08 players included me :D

But sometimes also need some lucks on doing header .Sometimes i try my luck to cross into the box to let my striker runs to there and header ,it works sometimes ^^

Hope this can help u all la =P , but remember do it with ur lucks :)

Rinie said...

Luck is a factor but remember its just 10% of your success.

90% are all from your own effort ^^