Monday, February 4, 2008


Yesterday we discuss about losing. Now we can REVENGE!

"Revenge keeps your mind focus, targeted and motivated. It just keeps you going even if you dont want to."

I take revenge personally. I like revenge. Every year i always make my own revenge list. Not just people who beat me, even people who annoyed me will be in my list. People who also disturb my frens or piss them off will also be in my list.

You might say " Its not good lar.. not nice to keep things inside". For me, you are not a gentleman if you dont push back the person who just pushed you. You need to let people know dont mess with you. If you are so nice people will mess with you anytime they want. So you will be bullied the rest of your life. The same goes to FIFA. Beat the crap out of your opponent so that they will always remember how bad it is to mess with you. This will give a mental attack to your opponent even before he play with you. So you having a mental advantage before the game started.

Beside that, it gaves you an undying energy to keep on going. Your mind will be focus to only one thing : To beat *insert name here* . Plus its fun to see how he react losing to you. It will be your most beautiful moment of all to at last accomplish what you have been "wishing" the whole time.

Believe me i've been there ^^

So its your choice. Either you wanna be a gentleman or you wanna be the real gentleman ^^

*Note: The FIFA Blog will not be responsible for any condition or circumstances either physical or mental that will or will not happen to you.*

Have you ever do such thing? How does it feel? ^^

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