Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Afraid To Lost

When we play, there is only 2 things in our mind:

" Am I going to win or am i going to lost?"

If we play someone average, win is in our mind. Play someone pro, lost is in our mind. So what does a pro think in his mind?

" Im not afraid to lost nor am I shy to win"

A pro knows losing is part of success. They knew if they lost, their weakness will be revealed and they can comeback stronger another day. But for normal player, losing is the end of the world. So they are afraid to lost. Because of this they lost the confidence and think too much about losing. Winning? was never in their mind.

That is why there are some people who cant face the fact that they have just lost. When they lost, they just give up. No passion.

So when u play with someone, dont think about losing. Think about learning, improving and winning.

How long do i have to learn? As long as u can breathe ^^

I like "Stronger" by Kanye West. Even he know about this. Thats why he is one of the best ^^


Chapree Da Grande said...

Well said, bro. Well said :D

jennz said...

wah pandai kamu brblog ya. Even sy da malas. *due to hectic n crazy schedule given by usu dat leaves us 30mins to eat n pray*
Neway great blog u hv here. Letak a chat box snang org drop in. Haha.
Im linking ur blog up.

Rinie said...


lol thx! When u gonna change the xbox pic? now is ps3 la.. ^^


haha sebenarnya ada secret nak blogging.. someone teach me a very easy way to update ur blog everyday. I let u know later ^^

Yeah a chatbox mmg nice! Bagus idea kamu wahai cik jen ^^

Chapree Da Grande said...

PS3? Maybe to you la FIFA players with recent PS3 tournaments, EA Play and FIWC. :P

But I'm a writer and not biased towards any platforms. That pic is just because I use the gamepad with PC mah...old pic somemore XD