Saturday, February 23, 2008

Generalist Vs Specialist - Part 2

So after all the discussion we have previously, i think i owe you guys the answer rite? Before that i would like to thank everyone for such a tremendous support to The FIFA Blog eventhough it just started. Hopefully you will keep on continue supporting us as well.

Ok so here it goes..

Now many of you seem to agree that Generalist is the best personality through out the game. While some said that Specialist is the way to go but it has a lot of disadvantage especially from the basic part. But everyone agree that Generalist will consume a lot of time and its very rare. Since both personality have its own advantage and disadvantage, which is the best?

Let me quote from Robert T.Kyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad:

"You must focus on 1 thing but must know a little of everything"

We take the business world for example. When you have your own business, you as a the business owner a.k.a boss must know everything about accounting,management,promotion and etc etc. Eventhough you are good in sales but without this skills you wont be successful. So how do you learn all of this?

"You must have a strong basic and understand the concept "

No matter how complicated the accounting is or how big your company management is, if you understand the concept there is nothing that you cant handle. Maybe in high school or college you know someone who is quite active with sports and other stuff or someone who always fool around. But everytime when the exam come, he/she will definitely score. Why? Because strong basic and understanding concept.

So in FIFA its still the same. We need to know a little of everything. We need to know how to pass,how to score, how to cross, how to take set pieces, how to def and etc etc. You dont have to know too deep but you just need to know the concept. For example i myself dont really know how to score extraordinary corners and i only know 1-2 tricks in it. But i still can score. Why? Because i understand the concept.

Knowing a little of everything is still not enough. You still need to focus on 1 skills. What skills is this? Of course its the one that you LOVE! If you love to cross, focus on crossing. If you love to dribble, focus on dribbling. If you love to get red card in every game, focus on red cards! (Joking!)

So by applying the concept " Focus on 1 but know a little of everything" you'll have enough basic in all the skills and still have some deadly move underneath your sleeves. Isnt that nice? ^^

So remember, a flower without its leaves is still ugly ^^

A MD must work at least serve 3 years before he is consider good enough to be a specialist. Why? He need to know EVERYTHING ^^


Rinie said...

Ahh at last i can sleep now!

Hope you guys like the way i present the answer.

If still have any question/suggestion pls feel free to comment here ^^

Good nite! Oopss.. Good morning! ^^

Rei said...

Focus on getting red cards,are u talking 2 me??XD

Rinie said...

You really focus on red cards?

wongth7 said...

i dun really focus on getting red cards..but i focus on injuring my opponent...untill all of them are injured and cant run..i will only kill the game i shud continue to do so la..LOLLL

Rinie said...

lol wong that is indeed a very deadly tactic.

What about the others? What do you want to focus?

Or maybe you disagree with my answer? Might as well voice out so that we can discuss more ^^

wongth7 said...

hmmm...i think i only half agree...wat if you are really good in free kicks...but u cant really get a free kick close to the goal in the whole game..if u are really good in corner...but u cant get a corner in the whole means u have no chance to score at all?? i think generalist is much more better IN THIS GAME...but in real life..u shud be a specialist in wat u do...cos there are too much interest to pursue in ur life and you can only really specialise in one thing..

Mr. Star said...

hello again :-),

for me if we are specialist on conners than what we have to do is just shoot to the keaper again n again n again n again.. Get as many conners as we can get n score goals for fun. hehe

Rinie said...

A good player is a player who know how to trap his opponent in revealing his weakness and allowing him to do what he do best.

Example are like what Mr.Star given. If you are a specialist in corner you can just keep on shooting straight to the gk or run along the line waiting for the def to tackle u to get the corner.

There are a lot of other ways to trap. I'll you guys find it out urself 1st ^^

btw remember the answer was to be a 30% generalist 70% specialist.

So if in case someone manage to guard you, you always have other skills to back u up.