Monday, February 18, 2008


Whats football without formation? I think its the 1st game that introduce formation to the world such as 442, 442 diamond, sweeper etc etc. Football is all about formation. Its part of the game.

Since FIFA is a football game, it still follow the same rules. The most think that everyone has been debating a lot is which is the best formation? Do we have to train only on 1 formation or have 2-3 backup formation?

Im going to give an examples to answer all of this question. Back in 2005 Malaysia was full with 41212 players because it gives flexibility in attack thru the wing and center and defense with a DM. Only a few uses 442 and 433. The best thing about 41212 is it can counter well both 442 and 433. The WCG.MY Champ in 2005 was [W|nDs] Gel who use 41212 while runner up was [W|nDs] Si_Jali use 442.

But in the international level, almost everyone is using 3412 which counter 41212 but didnt counter 442 because the wing is mainly unguarded. The WCG Champ was Styla from Germany and his formation was 442 and the runner is Alexxx from Russia using 3412.

So the year of 2005 was won by 442 even though formation such as 3412 and 41212 was more popular.

In last year 2007, the trend in Malaysia was 442 while 41212 popularity started to drop since 2005. The WCG.MY Champ [W|nDs] Si_Jali and also runner up MyFES. Warrior use 442 as its main formation. In WCG Grand Final the popular formation was 343 and 433.The Champ Hero from Germany use 433 as its main formation.

In both year, all the Champ stick to only 1 formation and never had any back up formation. They use the formation regardless of the trend or popularity. The only reason they use the formation is because:

"They believe in it. They understand its advantage and weakness. And they love it"

So no matter what formation you wanna used, make sure you know all about the formation you choose. Not just that, you must also have a general knowledge of your opponent's formation too so that you can counter him.

Like a famous brand motto goes: " Just do it!" ^^

Do you guys play CM or FM? My 442 formation never work! XD


Mr. Star said...

Wa.. Just what I need. Thanks Rinie for giving an insight scope regarding these formations. As a noob, these are the sort of information that I needed to improve my game :-)

p/s: yup, CM and FM does not usually entertain 442 formation. Don't know why :-)

Rinie said...

What formation are u using? Maybe u can tell us so that we can use ur formation as an example.

Mr. Star said...

I love the 41212 formation because i have an option of addition strike force in the AM possition, 2 wings to be deployed whenever possible and 1 DM to protect the back 4 :-)

Rinie said...

1 of the trick with 41212 is using Striker to cross instead of your Winger.

Why? By using 1 of your striker to cross you'll allow AM to run into the box into the striker position.

So when you cross the def will not guard the incoming AM. Most of the time leaving him unguard with a free header.

This has been true for so many version. Hope this help ^^

Anonymous said...

i hv read your blog a number of times.....about the failure.....and a few dribbling everything....ur blog is like a motivating factor for me...i always win when i play after seeing ur blong...ty....i just wanted to get a more few more skill moves which can be performed....and the bestteam to counter barcelona.....