Thursday, February 28, 2008

Win Quickly!

In The Art Of War, Sun Tzu said:

"A war should be won quickly without being prolonged"

Fighting a war could involve more than 100,000 troops and several thousand war chariots and supply chariots for the transportation of provisions over hundreds of kilometres. Not to mention 1 million of dollars spend each day. A protracted war is harmful to the country. Its harmful to the country wealth and also the longer it gets the lower the morale of the soldiers will be.

When the troops are having a protracted war in a faraway place, the rear will not be well defended. Other states will take this opportunity to launch an attack. By then, even a very wise man will not be able to do anything.

So a strategy that may not be sophisticated but which aims to achieve a speedy victory will be beneficial to a country. A war that drags on will only do harm to the country.

So how does we bring this intoFIFA? Remember FIFA is a battlefield. Is where all you earn your pride and dignity. Its the only field where you can prove that your the best of the rest.

When your playing and its still goalless, as time goes by your heart started to pump faster than normal. Pressure rising and you started to send more players up into attack. By doing so you hope that you gonna get the goal. But at the same time we are taking risk in our defense and put ourself vulnerable to counter attack. It might not be a surprise in the end we are going to conceed a goal.

So the longer it takes for you to score to win, the easier and the more vulnerable you get to conceed a goal. The longer it takes for you to win, the higher the pressure will be. Its a known fact that whoever score 1st always have the advantage towards his opponent.

So how do you ensure quick victory? Be the 1st to score!

For example, i've always have a kick off combo to get early goals. In less than 10 min in game i'll definitely try to get the 1st goal. Why? Its crucial of course so that you can keep on pressuring your opponent to make mistake.

So always remember to be the first! Win Quickly! ^^

What will you do if your under pressure? Have you ever do something and prolonged it and then found out its get harder to do? ^^

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