Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Excuses

We as human like to give excuses. Its our nature to find ways to defend ourself. But dont give excuses when you know your mistake or when you know you are wrong.

"Excuses will weaken you. Its like saying to yourself its ok to be wrong because i can give excuses."

I've heard many people giving excuses when they lost. Some say its because of the lag or its because that the opponent play dirty or they say they are just playing for fun ( I guess losing is fun either eh?) or because of disconnection. I too had given excuses before and I have to say deep down inside I know it was my own mistake for not knowing or not being prepare. The one I should blame was only me,myself and I.

Everytime I lost I'll blame myself. Blame myself for not scoring more, for not defending well, for doing mistake etc etc. By not giving excuses, you admit your defeat & know your mistakes. As I said before, a pro gamer lost & correct his mistakes & comeback stronger another day. Why? Because no excuses to success.

Giving excuses = Being ignorant
Being ignorant = Being stupid
Being stupid = No need to say anything lar

"Excuses just make you happy for awhile but miserable forever."

So choose: Short satisfaction or eternal happyness ^^

Have you ever notice? Successful people never complain ^^

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