Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your Play Your Style

Everyone has its own style. Its your personality. The way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk is very unique. You cant find someone similar to you. Well if you do it is still very hard to find.

In FIFA, everyone is unique. Some like to play on the wing. Some like to dribble. Some like to do fancy scoring. And some just like to frustrate their opponent. There are so many ways and style people play out there. And still no one is similar to one another.

So whats your playing style? There are generally 3 type of playing style:

  1. Wing type
  2. Middle movement
  3. A mix both

Wing Type

A wing type player basically likes to play formation that give them movement at wing such as 442,433 and 451. They are very good in crossing and also know how to play the wingback well. They might know a few tricks in dribbling thru the wing cutting into the mid. Most of their source of goals came from crossing. They are the type where many people would say "cheaters" for their unbelievable long cross.

Middle Mover

A middle mover likes to play short quick pass in the centre mid. They favor formation such as 41212 and 433. Their games is base on build up and doesnt play as direct as the wing type. This type of players are very well known for their accuracy in passing, trickness in dribbling and nice long shot. Most of their goals came from 1 on 1 situation produce from their nice build up.

Mix of Both

This type of player enjoy creativity. There is no common movement and is very hard to predict. But because of their focus on creativity, they have to sacrifice efficiency because they have to know all sorts of way to score thus demanding a lot of concentration on the pitch. This type of player is very hard to find and very rare. Most of this type player really have a very nice build up but always lack in the finishing part. Their goals come from all sorts of movement.

After i've explain about the style, try to see which group are you in. Are you happy that your in that group? Or do you wanna change?

You can also see your opponent in which group. It will help more during defending because you are well prepared with his attacking method. If he is a wing type, guard the wing. If he is a mid mover, dont commit your CM. If he is a mixer, make sure you have all your def at the back to pressure him during finishing.

Whatever it is, make sure your STYLO! ^^

Some of us might even experience a change of style. What about you? Whats your style? ^^


wongth7 said...

hi jali...glad u share ur fifa blog..after reading ur latest post..i think im a middle mover..mmm..nono..mix of both..mmm...nono..not sure though.. :p ...i like to attack thru the middle...but seems like ppl know how to guard my thru ball already..so now im trying the wing..im not too good at wing though...wat bout u..

Rinie said...

hi wongth7

Glad that you sure with us ^^

Ok my advice is that you just focus on what you LOVE TO DO.

If you really like to play in the mid and do thru ball, just keep on doing it. Try to find ways on how to do a better thru ball. If you focus on 1 thing you'll be better rather than u try to do sumthing which u donno.

Imagine that just by practicing on thru ball, you'll be able to find a new better way to do thru ball which is UNBLOCKABLE!

And i understand about the frustration when someone manage to def our moves. But take it as a trial & error. We learn from our mistakes.

But it wont hurt for you to try new things as well. Its good just to have a fresh air a moment.

I hope this help ^^

Rinie said...

Here is one of my topic talking about FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU LOVE MOST:


enjoy ^^

jennz said...

i like d way u blog about FIFA n lpas tu mcm aplikasi to life.

eyh its d other way round.


atleast leh a nyampok..
kalo 100% about FIFA then i haf to zip up. hehe.

Rinie said...

I never wanted to use life lesson into FIFA because FIFA IS LIFE.

FIFA is a game. But its a LIFE GAME. You felt angry,sad,happy,excited,frustrate thats life emotion.

But many ppl still feel that if its a game its a game. Sumthing which is a waste of time. But what people dun realize is how closely related the game is with their life.

Take Blackjack for example. If you really not good in this game, it shows how bad u are in math. You fail to count and fail to predict the probability. That is testing your math.

Or we take Congkak as another example. It also requires math ability. Cant just simply put the marble in each hole or u definitely lost.

Monopoly is a million dollar game. Why i said that? The author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert T.Kyosaki learn about business thru playing Monopoly. He said Monopoly teach you what is very important in financial education, which is ACQUIRING ASSET. If you understand the concept of Monopoly, you can be rich in life too.

So its a prove that game is a reflection of your real life ^^