Saturday, February 9, 2008

Its Not Just A Field, Its A Battlefield!

Syukur alhamdulillah The FIFA Blog is now 1 week old. The time pass by really fast. I still felt like its just yesterday The FIFA blog started.

Ok so i got news for you. If you think that FIFA is just a sports game, you are wrong. FIFA is a war strategy game. The field is not just a field, its a battlefield. Its your battlefield!

"Eventhough FIFA is just a game, but we are fighting for something. Be it fighting for fun, for pride or even for bragging rights."

So when your in war, what do you need in war? You need:

a. Generals
b. Troops
c. High tech equipment

a. General

The General is very important in war. They are the brain of the nation. Without them even troops highly trained with high tech equipment will fall. So who is the general in FIFA? Its you!

"A General need to know what his troop good at. He need to know what his troop weakness is. And he also need to know everything about the enemy."

So our job as the general is to know what our players is capable of and what are his weakness.
He must also make decision which benefit the chemistry of the team. Sometime the general must bench the Star player and choose infamous player in order to fit with his strategy for the team. This is a sacrifice that the general have to make.

b. Troops

The troops must be highly train and prepared. A troop with no preparation and no fitness is lose even before the game started.

In FIFA we must choose the best player in his role in the team. If the player play as striker, make sure that he is fast,deadly in finishing and has great composure. If the player play as def, he must be fast and has crunching tackle. So the ability of each player must be sort base on their position.

Sometimes there are also player who are better in certain position. For example, A.Pirlo. Eventhough he is good as CM but he can play better as Winger. So try experiment with players in different position.

c. High Tech Equipment

A country with high tech equipment will conquer any battlefield. They dont have to send troops into the battlefield, they can just strike with high flying invisible plane and bomb the target area. Its a modern warfare.

In FIFA you must choose the best team. The best team is your high tech equipment. A wise general know when to put aside their favorite team and when to use the better team. Its a definite win if you play as Barca against Selangor(Just example!)

So choose wisely my fren. Thus this is your battlefield. The best player is the player who is well equip in all 3 categories ^^

Have you ever thought that FIFA is a battlefield? Love Peace Not War ^^

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