Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winning & Losing

Everyone hate losing. Its a fact. Everyone like winning. Its a fact too. When someone win, someone got to lost. Another fact. Winning is good but losing is better. This is a fact.

To be honest, i dont like to lose either. Its a worst feeling equal to losing a girl that you love to another guy.(Another lost!) But losing is your best teacher.

" Winning is a poor teacher. We learn the most about ourselves when we fail. Failing is part of the process to success. We cannot have success without failure. An unsuccessful person is a person who never fail."

Through my own journey, I started playing FIFA competitvely in 2003 but it took me around 5 years to bag my 1st WCG FIFA Champ title in 2007. I have fail more than i succeed. Every year there will be somone who is going to stop me. I even shy away when people call me " The Legendary Si_Jali" because i never won any title in Malaysia until 2007.

But i never stop trying and learning. One of the most important attitude to succeed is to never stop learning. In whatever we do, we must never stop learning.

"Then what about winning? Isnt the main point we play is to win?"

If that is your question, yup you are right! Winning is a prove of how good you are. Even if you won by luck, you are still better than the person. But the bad thing about winning is it didnt teach us anything. And we often brag when we win. So in the end we develop a feeling of over confidence over our opponent. People who cant handle losing cant handle winning either. In the end they only enjoy a short success.

So know the difference between winning & losing. The positive and the negative side of both. In the end, it all depends on what you want. Do you want a quick & short journey or do you want eternal success? ^^

What do you think? Is losing good for you? ^^


Mr. Star said...

"Play to win" is what I've experience in my last 2 tourney. The first tourney was for me an educational period since i had no clue how to play in a tournament. Then, after my defeat I came back to play and with all my efforts i only manage to get into 2nd round. I was shocked by the tactics performed by my opposition where he simple lobed my keeper from just after the middle line. He place saha on the center mid n he just make my day horrible.. Anyway, I am wondering, apart from daily trainings, where do we get to know some new tricks to add our game as u said?

By the way, I play FIFA using keyboard n proud of it :-)

Rinie said...


Thx for ur comment ^^

Oh yeah last year there were this mid line long shot. It is pretty scary if can do it right.

Apart from daily trainings, u can observe how other players play.


U play with ur opponent and u like certain thing tht he do. U can ask him if ur lucky he would tell.

But if he wont u can analyze how he do it and try to do it in ur daily practice.

So your are not just learning how to be more creative but u are also learning on how to analyze ur opponent style of play.

In this way you are training 2 skills by doing 1 thing ^^

Hopefully i've answer ur question. If there is any question pls feel free to ask. ^^

Mr. said...

my target this year... ---> beat si jali in final WCG 2008.. ade brani ???

Rinie said...

Its good that you have a target. A succesful person always plan on what he wants. Those who doesnt have target are those who doesnt plan. And when u doesnt plan ur planning to fail.

if im not in the final how?

lol ^^