Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Generalist VS Specialist - Part 1

One of the most debate topic in all our life is either to learn and know everything there is in the world or become specialist in the selected field?

When i was a medicine student, almost everyone wanted to be a specialist. Heart specialist, plastic surgeon etc etc. Why? Most of them answer the question with this "More money lor".

And the only reason why they dont want to be a general doctor is because its a lot of work and low pay. If you are a specialist your patient have to make an appointment with you and you dont have to work 24 hours a day. A general doctor practically have to handle and have to know all types of diseases. Thats why they are general doctor.

So what does this gotta do with FIFA? Many people have this question in mind " Do i need to know everything from passing to set pieces? Or i just focus on 1 thing only?"

Why people have this question in their mind? Its because it takes a lot of time to master the game if we need to know everything. If your a generalist you gonna spend hours a day just to master all the technique. And believe me its a never ending process sometimes. If your a specialist well you save the time of course and you'll be better in certain technique in terms of knowledge of course but you'll have problem when it comes to general knowledge.

So what is the best thing? Which is the perfect type? A generalist will know everything but need to spend a lot amount of time. A specialist will save a lot of time and will be well prepared in certain technique but will have problem in other skills as well. So which is the best personality?

I would like to hear what you guys got to say about this. Which is better? Generalist or Specialist? ^^

I will post the answer later. Until then please do give your opinion on this topic ^^


A13x said...

Of course knowing everything is the best thing...but for people who are lazy like me for sure cannot be the Generalist haha...i doubt many people will learn and know everything in FIFA08...again if one knows more in FIFA08, he/she has the advantages and has the knowledge to defend and attack in certain conditions...i am a freekick specialist, not in FIFA08 but in real life! Muahahaha =P

Rinie said...

1 vote for generalist.

Alex reasoning:

"Has the advantages in attacking and defending"

"Cannot be lazy"

what about the others? Generalist or Specialist? Or maybe you have other type which is better?^^

Mr. Star said...

I'm voting for specialist. But of course we can not just have 1 speciality. My suggesting is we have to score (or train) for freekicks and the timing for long shot and crossing. If you got those at the tip of your finggertips, then you are not gonna be beatten easily :-) ..

p/s- Still remember my last fight in WGT, I lost 5-3 but I sure gave him a run for his money. hahaha

Zang said...

1 vote for specialist

Mr.Star reasoning:

"To specialize in certain area only"

Hmm both players seems to be right.. just make things interesting.. wht about the others? who do you support Al3x or Mr.Star opinion? ^^

Rinie said...

isk sorry again my bro forgot to log off..

1 vote for specialist

Mr.Star reasoning:

"To specialize in certain area only"

Hmm both players seems to be right.. just make things interesting.. wht about the others? who do you support Al3x or Mr.Star opinion? ^^

A13x said...

Haha jali you can just delete the post which you posted with your brother's profile la lolz.

How do you define Specialist exactly? If one knows how to cross, how to take freekick, how to take corners, how to attack middle and wing, etc...aren't these making him a Generalist already since he has learned almost most of the required techniques and skills needed in FIFA?

A Specialist is only good in 1 particular skill and technique...if a player is a corner and freekick specialist...then he can only score through corner and freekicks...other things he wouldn't be able to score and he might lack of defending you think this will make him win the full 90 minutes game? How many corners and freekicks can he get? While the opponent happens to be a Generalist and he can score from any situations and angles.

Rinie said...

A specialist is someone who focus on 1 thing and neglect the rest.

Just like a person only know how to attack but donno how to def. Thats a specialist.

About your question if someone is a specialist good at set pieces.. in WCG GF 2001 a player from Euro killing everybody with set pieces. The score is ridiculous almost everytime reach more than 10 goals.

Until someone stop him in the quarter final because he know how to block it.

But the one who stop him lost in semi final because he doesnt know how to attack.

And the champ was from Korea having a very deadly crossing.

It was all specialist ^^

This topic is really interesting. Would like to hear more from u guys ^^

Rei said...

Don't agree with this alex.i give my vote to specialist.Specialist can be specialist in anythin.General stuff such as specialise in attack but not defence etc.who say cannot win??

BigBoss said...

I still confuse lah wif this topic.I think Im a generalist and specialist.I always change my style of play.After that,i try perfecting the new style.So,who am I?

A13x said...
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A13x said...

If you say Specialist in Attacking or Defending, then it's way too specific liao the topic...then how do you differentiate Generalist? One who is a Specialist in both Attacking and Defending?? lolz

Rinie said...

Generalist know everything. In attacking and defending.

But they donno as deep as someone who is a specialist.

Let say there is a specialist who is good in crossing. Whatever the generalist know about crossing is less than what the specialist know about.

So in crossing the specialist will win. But in other field might be that the generalist will win.

i think im giving some hint here on which type is the best ^^

wongth7 said...

hmmmm...this is interesting...i think both have their own advantages and disadvantages...can i give another choice...which is "specialist in generalist" means he is good in 'almost' anything..freekicks, corner, crossing, dribbling, finishing..etc...sure got such ppl wan...hehehe...(hope im not talking crap...hahahhaha)

Rinie said...

1 vote for new type : Specialist in Generalist

Anybody would like to support this new type? or maybe you wanna make another new type as well?


A13x said...

Haha like that i also have a new type...Commander Captain Lieutenant Chief Specialist Generalist who knows everything and win WCG every year...only the German brothers are these rare types lolz =P

It's always best to know more than only specialize in one not only saying this in term of FIFA, but also in real life a footballer i know that if a player is a specialist in something, for example freekicks and crossings, and if he's not good at other skills, he's not the greatest player...he IS one of the respected players bcoz he made fame with his stunning freekicks n amazing crosses...but does Beckham ever win the World Player award? Hehe =)

vutsi said...

my humble opinion...must be a specialist...
off topic=(i also med stud n know why Dr want to be specialist besides money ; to gain respect n satisfaction. hihi)
btw, based on my experiences in WE tourney, every players have their own specialties. And my specialty is finishing. I thought its the same goes wif fifa (correct me if im wrong)..
however, the important thing is we must have specialty and also good (at least average) in other fields. just my 2

jennyto said...

i vote for specialist in generalist,
tho i may knowledge on FIFA is very little but i cn assure u, if u know the general things, n master one special thing, it cud u do u good, wether in FIFA or real life.

dats y we medic students need to be a gp before taking up specialist course. :p

Rinie said...

Wow so many interesting comment we have here on this topic!

Thanks for all the comment. Suppose that i post up the answer today but too bad there was an emergency with some of my clients that i have to attend too. And yeah its still not yet finish.

But dont worry i'll try my best to post it up 2moro.

Anyway here is a hint:

"Little little become big"


"Sikit sikit lama-lama jadi bukit"

Try to guess ^^

seed said...

Specialize one skill by one and move on till u reach Generalist in Specialist. LoL ^^