Thursday, February 14, 2008


We always hear people said " If you wanna do something, make sure you love it." Why must we do something that we love? Its because no matter what happen we will always stick to what we always love. Come rain or lightning, for love I'll be with you.

So in FIFA where does love come around? I believe this question only you can answer. Maybe you love to do long shot or dribble or crossing etc etc. But whatever it is do what you really love.

"When we do something that we love, it will not be a work. Its just like a hobby : Fun & stress free"

Plus by focusing on what you love, you will know deeper,understand more and be the specialist in that field. Its obvious that only you know more about your gf/bf rather than your frens. Why? Because you love her. You will want to know more about her. If you forgot her birthday I guess you are waiting for the volcano to be explode.(Kaboom!)

If you love to do long shot, obviously you know more than your frens because you are focusing on it. So love is good!

So do what you love. For love will prevail ^^

Anyone wanna send me flowers or choc today? ^^


Mr. Star said...

Ah.. Full of LOVE... Love to beat the defender and scores the goals. YEAH!!!

Rinie said...

So love it ^^